About Us

We are Ultimate Offroad Dynamics, a driver-focused Made in America company that builds Off-Road tuff. Founded in January 2016, we make parts strong enough for the off-road enthusiast and reliable enough for the daily driver.  Our mission is to maximize our customer’s time on the road and the trail with parts that rarely break, are easy to fix when they do, and require low maintenance.

Having been involved in motorsport and off-roading most of our lives, we know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s important to the motorsports enthusiast in all of us. Our flagship products are our off-road tested 1-Ton steering kits which are built with a strong DOM steel outer housing and a flexible solid aluminum core. This construction allows the tie rod to support the full weight of an off-road vehicle and flex just enough to prevent breaking but doesn’t flex so much that it kinks, warps, or breaks other parts.

We have more parts in R&D with the same mission quality in mind; ensuring our customers spend their time having fun!